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technology has leveled the playing field for those who know how 

I'm Bonnie Sainsbury, one of Canada's leading experts in Social Media. In fact, in 2013 Forbes named me among " The Top 25 Most Influential Social Media Influencers". In 2014 I was included in CEO Magazine's "Women Social Media Influencers". In 2014 I was included in the " Top 100 Social Media Influencers" and I'm in the " Top 100 Social Media Influencers to Watch in 2016".


Hangouts On Air (HOA) can be a real game-changer that helps brands build traction and expertise in their field faster and more cheaply than any other social channel.


Provide and background or in-depth view of streaming video content. Opportunity to display ads and opt-in forms and to receive comments from readers.


Active social media strategy that engages your community to publicize your video coaching sessions , podcasts, blogs and events.


Podcasts are an effective, portable, convenient and intimate way to publish your content, to build ongoing relationships with your community


A fully branded website that integrates seamlessly with social media and can take advantage of new content delivery channels.


Create and publish a Kindle book from content on the blog site. A Kindle best-seller provides integrity that drives traffic to scheduled video streaming and podcast.

Website Design

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                                                                                                  We create fully branded websites that integrate seamlessly with social media and can take advantage of new content delivery channels

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We provide WordPress Maintenance Packages

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Create your Video Coaching System

 Your choice of 3 packages

Group Mastermind – Learn to create your Video Coaching System in a group setting
Video Coaching System Producer and Director – We’ll do it for you
One to One Coaching – One-to-one we to set up your Video Coaching System

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We work with you to create a social media strategy to market your content channels and to engage your community

Social Media Integration

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