Did We Disappoint Ourselves With Dreams Of New Technology?

Recently, a specific day mentioned in the classic sci-fi Back To The Future came and went. For older generations who grew up expecting the technology shown in the movie to be a reality, such as flying skateboards and cars, 3D holographic advertising and cities filled with skyscrapers, the actual presentation can seem a little underwhelming. While technological improvements and inventions are becoming more common and even more intuitively smarter, we may still be decades behind the future movie makers had imagined for us. However, here are some examples of cutting-edge technology that we will definitely be seeing in the near future.

Whether it was The Jetsons cartoon or the original Blade Runner movie, everyone has their eye on flying cars. This idea marks the quintessential future of personal transport, and there is not a single company worth its salt that does not have some version of the concept in their pipeline. In fact, several companies are well into testing stages. The problem with this idea varies from take-off procedures and fuel consumption to downsizing an aircraft to the size of a car and air traffic regulations. Nevertheless, flying cars are expected to become a reality in as little as ten years, making them the most anticipated transportation technology since the invention of the automobile itself.

Another very happening field at the moment is robotics. From highly precise surgeries to being the brains behind recent driverless cars, they come in many forms – except the expected humanoid form. The argument for the late development of humanoid robots lies in the fact that technology needs to become smaller and more powerful before it can be fit into a human-sized robot. Other factors affecting development is the ability to balance effortlessly, understanding and to learn menial tasks using voice recognition and gesture patterns rather than coding and of course, the problem of supplying power to a walking unit.

Another prerequisite for our dream future are floating cities and underwater cities. Water covers a majority of our planet and the sky above use remains viable real estate. The future cities have always been picturesque scapes of tall buildings and Atlantis-like underwater coves teeming with human life. True, the current population is rather monstrous and while scientists are looking into alternative ways of housing the billions, floating artificial islands have been creating not for human habitation but rather to grow much-needed food crops. These islands of produce may soon become the difference between worldwide starvation and feeding the masses.

In all honesty, we may not have made as much of progress as we wanted but it still bears remembering that we have made progress slowly but surely. We have come further than we expected in many ways and in many ways we have grown as a species. Humans as a whole are more driven than ever to not only explore the world around us but also to go beyond our home planet. Every day, there is a discovery that pushes us closer to attaining better technology and to create faster and more intelligent technology.