Which Is Better: SEO Or Traditional Advertising?

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Just like every other field, the advertising industry has also seen a huge change in the methods in which it is being conducted today. These changes are all part of the evolution as more new methods have been devised to market products and services. As more and more businesses are taking the online route for exposure and better demographic spread, many companies are getting into SEO method for increasing the traffic to their online store. vaughan Caseo has been instrumental in doing this for many companies. Most of the companies that are listed in www.forbes.com have a dedicated team to perform SEO for their organizations.
Now, in many places, there is always an argument as to which one of these marketing methods, SEO or the Traditional Advertising is better. Here are some inputs for you to decide on those lines.
· Traditional advertising, as we all know uses brochures, flyers, television, newspaper and bill boards to market their brand. The amount of money spent for these is huge whereas the actual conversion rate is very less. When it comes to SEO, internet makes things simple and hence a wider audience can be reached and that too at a lesser cost.
· Traditional marketing is done to a wide range of users immaterial of their likes or dislikes whereas SEO is more of relevance marketing. SEO targets customers who are in search of products or services that are offered by your company. Hence, the conversion ratios are very high.
· Traditional marketing used the outbound type of advertising which was one that reached out to prospective customers about the products or services offered. In SEO, the inbound customers are shown the right direction to buy the products and services that are looking to buy. Hence SEO is more successful than other methods of marketing.
· Analyzing the results of a traditional marketing campaign can be a tedious affair and in most cases are not done after considering the amount of effort and cost that will go into it. SEO has a great advantage in this. When you use SEO for online marketing, you will be able to track the route which a customer has taken to reach your website and thereby know the source through which the sale was made. And, this can be done in quick time as well.
· Traditional marketing uses a lot of manual effort and time to complete the process of marketing. Search engines use algorithms, which is like a set of calculations made by the computer and bots which makes all the calculations at a quicker pace as well as accurately.
· In traditional method, content only forms a part of the advertising whereas in SEO content forms a major part of it. A good content can ensure that you get a lot of leads while a bad one can affect your rankings and make your online presence a failure.
Whatever is the type of advertising method that you choose, it is sure to bring in results, but the time taken to achieve them is what makes the difference. SEO can make your website gets qualified traffic and that too in quick time.

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